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Hi there!  I'm Rebecca, mama to a sweet boy and rambunctious toddler, and loving partner to my college sweetheart.  My family and I moved to Placerville  4 years ago from Santa Cruz and we are in love with the warmth and community found here in the Sierra Foothills.  I wear the hat as household manager, while my hubby farms vineyards and makes wine in the area. Our kiddos can be found running circles around us. When I'm not spending time with my family exploring the beauty of our surroundings, you'll find me filling my cup literally while sipping on coffee with a girlfriend or getting in a yoga practice at one of our local studios.

When I work with mamas, babies, and families I'm known as Rebecca Raas, M.A., Perinatal Wellness Facilitator, or in other words I am certified to provide care and support to you and your family during the exciting time of expectancy and into your baby's first year of life (you can read more about my training and Master's Degree in Psychology on the next page).  I support growing families as they prepare for their sweet babe and throughout the first year of transition into parenthood. With a community of support, families can blossom in this new stage of life. 

My intention is to bring healing and love to my community through attention, presence, and warmth with new and evolving families. Prenatal support and postpartum preparation is here!

Dahlia Mama Consultations



Every individual is unique, babies and big people alike.  Let's meet to see if I would work well in supporting your family with postpartum preparation. I find the best way to do so is to simply meet over a cup of coffee or tea and an open heart.  Feel free to contact me to schedule a time to meet.

Expectations of Baby & Parenthood

I recommend investing in preparation for your sweet baby to join your family, not only in childbirth education and baby care basics, yet in educating your family about the 4th Trimester, or the period immediately following the birth of your baby and the months following!  This is the most incredible transformation yet one that is typically not talked about or shared in our society!  It's time to change that, come together, and get to know normal, beautiful, challenging, infant behavior.  I offer prenatal consults to discuss postpartum basics, from family visitors, physical healing, emotional well-being, typical challenges of breastfeeding, relationship stressors, lack of sleep and ways to best cope, self-care, and management of daily tasks.  Additionally, I provide support with the transition of the sibling take the role of big sister or brother.

Essence of Expectancy consults are available to help support you in developing a 4th Trimester Support Plan. ama, partner, and baby need love during this precious, sensitive time.   Each care plan is suited to your family's needs and will be discussed in detail together. If you are interested in specific and detailed support regarding  sibling, I offer Supported Sibling consults on a one-on-one basis as well.

Aside from working with clients on an individual basis, I offer virtual group prenatal yoga and postnatal yoga, as well as mommy and me support virtually.  Prenatal support and postpartum community is here for you! 

Expecting a Little One?

Send me a message so I can add your family to my wait list!  I will have openings in fall 2020 to support families for prenatal support and postpartum preparation.