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Postpartum Doula & Perinatal Wellness Support

Dahlia Mama Perinatal Wellness desires to support families in their transition to parenthood. To strengthen family bonds and ignite community within and outside the home while celebrating and honoring the diversity of a family's vast birth and postpartum experiences. Dahlia Mama is here for you and your growing family!  Postpartum support is here!

Here to Serve You. Full Support. For You. For Your Growing Family.

Hi there!  I'm Rebecca, mama to a sweet boy and rambunctious toddler, and loving partner to my college sweetheart.  My family and I moved to Placerville 3 years ago from Santa Cruz and we are in love with the warmth and community found here in the Sierra Foothills.  I wear the hat as household manager, while my hubby farms vineyards and makes wine in the area. Our kiddos can be found running circles around us. Sometimes you'll find a few chickens running laps with them. When I'm not spending time with my family exploring the beauty of our surroundings, you'll find me filling my cup literally while sipping on coffee with a girlfriend or getting in a yoga practice at one of our local studios.

When I work with mamas, babies, and families I'm known as Rebecca Raas, M.A., Perinatal Wellness Facilitator, or in other words I am certified to provide care and support to you and your family during your baby's first year of life (you can read more about my training and Master's Degree on the next page). As a postpartum doula, I support growing families during the highly sensitive few weeks after the birth of their sweet baby, during the continued rest and recovery period several months postpartum, and throughout the first year of transition into parenthood. With a community of support, families can blossom in this new stage of life. 

My intention is to bring healing and love to my community through attention, presence, and warmth with new and evolving families. Postpartum help is here in your local area!

OFFERINGS for Families Expecting in fall 2020 and later:

~ Daytime Support (Night Support not available)

~ 2 - 4 hour time blocks, mornings or early afternoon available

~ 1 - 4 times per week depending on family needs and wishes

~ For as long as you desire throughout the first year of life

Postpartum is a transformation, and not a transition.  The adjustment is never over!  Each stage and phase takes you to a different phase in your parenthood journey.  I am here to support you along the way.

Dahlia Mama Postpartum Support



Every individual is unique, babies and big people alike.  Let's meet to see if I would work well in supporting your family with postpartum help.  I find the best way to do so is to simply get together over a cup of coffee or tea and an open heart.  Feel free to contact me to schedule a time to meet.

*See OFFERINGS above to ensure our schedules are somewhat in line before moving forward to meet about postpartum support! (e.g., I don't offer nighttime support or extended shifts if that is something your family is looking for)

Expectations of Baby & Parenthood

As a Certified Postpartum Doula, I recommend investing in preparation for your sweet baby to join your family, not only in childbirth education and baby care basics, yet in educating your family about the 4th Trimester, or the period immediately following the birth of your baby and the months following!  This is the most incredible transformation yet one that is typically not talked about or shared in our society!  It's time to change that, come together, and get to know normal, beautiful, challenging, infant behavior.  If your family feels as though Dahlia Mama is a great fit, I offer prenatal meetings to discuss postpartum basics, from family visitors, physical healing, emotional well-being, typical challenges of breastfeeding, relationship stressors, lack of sleep and ways to best cope, self-care, and management of daily tasks.  Additionally, as a regular practitioner of yoga, I offer simple breathwork and grounding exercises to assist with the daily (and nightly) challenges of parenthood.

Before Baby Meetings are available for informational and educational purposes, as well as to help support you in developing a 4th Trimester Support Plan.  Additionally, these meetings provide us with opportunities to bond before baby arrives so as a team we are a strong unit and understand one another.  Meetings are offered at the hourly Dahlia Mama rate of $35 per hour and range from 1 -2 hours in length.  It is encouraged that partners or support people attend when possible.  Monthly meetings are available before baby arrives.  I serve Placerville, El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park and surrounding areas.  

What to Expect from Dahlia Mama

I'm not a hands off postpartum doula.  Mama, partner, and baby need love during this precious, sensitive time.  I offer informational support, yet also offer practical support in more ways that one.  Simple tasks such as laundry do not bother me when supporting you (although in my house that's a different story!), and I am not above helping with chores as let's be honest, many daily tasks aren't tended to when baby arrives.  I am not supporting you and your family to continue your life as it once was.  I am supporting you in growing WITH your baby and alongside your baby.  Not only is your baby changing every moment, so are you.  I help foster an environment of love and support and encourage bonding and safe and secure attachment.  I do my best to have baby and mama be together most of the time, as I am not one to take baby off mama's hands.  Baby wants and needs mama, especially during those first few weeks.  It's about adjusting to being attached to a little one, and not about having time away from your baby at this point.  Where I come in is I provide emotional support, yet also am happy to get together a simple, nutritious snack from your kitchen and ensure you are staying hydrated!!  Holding baby is lovely as well if you would like to take a shower, etc yet I will do so close to you so baby can smell mama and feel safe.  So important. The possibilities of support are virtually endless.  Each care plan is suited to your family's needs and will be discussed in detail together.

I am hands on in other ways as well.  Many of us enjoy a nice shoulder or foot rub.  Although not a massage therapist, this is not my intent.  I do not provide therapeautic massage, yet I am in no way averse to providing support through comforting touch.  As social beings, we all seek out touch in a variety of ways.  Mamas can often times feel sucked dry of certain types of touch, yet desire other forms.  I am available to offer and care for mamas in these ways.  Postpartum help is here!

Flexible Care (Monthly Commitments, then Assess Needs)

You simply don't know until you are THERE.  There meaning, living the life of a new dada or mama.  I ask that your family commit to a care plan on a monthly (or 4 week basis).  Postpartum doula services are currently offered at $35 per hour in your home.  For example, postpartum support may occur 2 hours 3 times per week for one month.  At this time, we can agree to 1) increase support, 2) keep the same support, 3) decrease support, or 4) hold for the time being.  It's your choice and I support where you are in your parenting journey.

Perks of Dahlia Mama Postpartum Care

Mindful Mamas Circles Packages offered at discounted rate ~ For babies 2 weeks to early crawlers

5 classes for $50 (typically $12/ session)

Ask me about these gatherings to learn more!  They occur monthly in El Dorado Hills and Placerville and are a LOVELY way to connect with local mamas, take time for yourself, and bond with bab

Expecting a Little One?

Send me a message so I can add your family to my waitlist!  I will have openings in fall 2020 to support families in El Dorado County for postpartum support.