What is a Mindful Mamas Circle?

Carve Out Time & Space For You, Mama

For Mamas w/ babes 8 months and newer

Gather together and SHARE your experiences in your role as a mama.

Tell fellow mamas about your struggles, yet also take note of your strengths.  

Each Mindful Mamas Circle we begin by settling in and making a cup of coffee or tea.  We arrive in the space together, as one community.  We share our current struggle and strength.

We listen with ears and hearts wide open, judgement aside.  All experiences are valued.  We don't attempt to fix.  We listen, we listen, we listen. A few gentle suggestions may pop up here and there, yet in general we listen or relate.

We set an intention for the month. We share as desired and create a simple visual reminder of that intention.  An intention will turn into a thought, which turns into an action, which turns into in an empowered way of being.  You create your BE-ing, your well-being for you and your family.  Create strong roots and your family will thrive.

Intended for a small group. Please register via the link (DahliaMama.com) prior to the event to ensure you have a spot and the circle remains small. 

Please bring yourself and your sweet baby, as well as a cozy blanket.  Breastfeed, bottle feed, pump, diaper change.  Do what you need to do as we are all in it together.  

Expectant mamas are always encouraged and welcome to join our Mindful Mamas Circle to learn and be present with new mamas and babes.


Come Together


EL DORADO HILLS @ The Big Yellow Barn, Inc.

Tuesday mornings

9:30 - 11 am (dates above)

Debra Ann, owner of The Big Yellow Barn in El Dorado Hills, has offered her fabulous space to mamas and babes (off Bass Lake Rd).

$10 per session  - Mama & Baby 

*Please kindly register 48 hours in advance (otherwise $12)

3721 Hollow Oak Drive
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

PLACERVILLE @ We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gym

Wednesday mornings

9:30 - 11 am (dates above)

Keri McAtee, owner of We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gym Placerville, has graciously offered her space to BIG SISTERS & BIG BROTHERS to play  in the indoor gym during the Mindful Mamas Circle for supervised open gym play. 


$10 per session - Mama & Baby 

 *Please kindly register 48 hours in advance (otherwise $12) 

$18 per session - Mama & Baby WITH older sibling (OPEN GYM included)  


1412 Broadway

Placerville, CA 95667