Dahlia Mama

Rebecca Raas, Certified Postpartum Doula, M.A.


Why Dahlia Mama?

Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Instructor

Level 1 Training at Registered Prenatal Yoga School, Mount Madonna Institute

Instructed by Hannah Muse (Beloved Yogini, April 2019)

Community Supported Postpartum Facilitator via Mothering Arts

Trained by Kerry Ingram (Postpartum Group Creator and Leader, October 2018)

Becoming Us: Transition into Parenthood Training

Professional "Seed Planter"

Led by Elly Taylor (Relationship Counselor & Researcher, July 2018)

Certified Postpartum Doula

Cornerstone Doula Trainings, Sacramento, CA

Certified via Juli Tilsner (Licensed Midwife, April 2018)

Labor Doula Intensive

Sierra Childbirth Institute, Santa Cruz, CA

Led by Janine Maitri (Doula & Trainer Extraordinaire, January 2016)

Presented at many national and state Behavior Analysis conferences

Topics include:  self-control, verbal behavior, and school-based ABA programs

If interested in more or reviewing my curriculum vitae, I am happy to share

Master of Arts, Psychology, Behavior Analysis emphasis, with honors

California State University, Sacramento

Supervised by Dr. Helene Burgess & Dr. Caio Miguel (Graduated 2008)

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, with honors

Sonoma State University, Graduated 2005

A Little About My Story & Background

After birthing my son in 2013, I became fixated on birth and motherhood.  What an amazing and difficult transition.  No one had prepared me and my family.  At least not enough.  How could I help others in need? I took great pleasure in attending a Labor Doula Intensive with Janine Maitri of Sierra Childbirth Institute as she opened my eyes to the world of home birth.  Birth can be a rite-of-passage, incredibly empowering, freeing, liberating, amazing, and oh so beautiful.  Now I know this firsthand.  My experience birthing my daughter in 2016 made it clear to me that my future career would be within the birth field, and specifically in postpartum work.  I have learned through professional training and personal experience that each mother has a choice in birth intentions and also a choice in her postpartum experience as well. 

My background is in Behavioral Psychology, or Applied Behavior Analysis as I earned my Masters degree in Psychology in 2008 and practiced as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst for years helping hundreds of families to teach their children with special needs reach their full potential via scientifically proven methodologies.  Little ones learned to speak for the first time, hug for the first time, or simply make eye contact and smile for the first time in the ABA programs.  I implemented behavior protocols for a variety of learners and primarily worked with parents to teach them how to successfully teach their children.  I gave my heart and soul to this work, yet my interests shifted as I brought my first born into the world. 

My firstborn came into the world when I was strong willed, fiercely independent to a fault, and didn't allow for vulnerability in my life or show signs of weakness to others or ask for support. It turns out I can't do it all yet I thought I could then...difficult and trying times followed and I experienced periods of postpartum anxiety, a little known relative of postpartum depression. Postpartum was not ideal as I didn't welcome help openly. Fast forward to my second babe, in which I planned a homebirth, planned for appropriate postpartum care via family and a Postpartum Doula, and WELCOMED and ACCEPTED help. I allowed my body to rest in that I lived in bed with my baby for 2 weeks postpartum. Amazing. Alive. Restorative. The. Way. It. Can. Be.

I want others to experience how rich of an experience birth and mamahood can be. And for those that did not have an ideal birth or transition into motherhood, I've been there too. Ideal does not always occur and this is how we grow and learn. I desire to support each mama to reach her full potential.

I serve families in Placerville, El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park, and surrounding areas.

What's in a Name?

The Meaning Behind it All

Dahlia Mama. A dahlia has many meanings that resonate with me and my motherhood journey.  Dahlias are my loving father's favorite in the garden, and his love now lives on through my work.  Dahlias were chosen to be present on my wedding day for this reason.  Dahlias symbolize strength in difficult times, strong emotions, and a spirit of wildness. Give yourself permission to feel those ups and downs and in betweens as a strong, amazing, wild mama. 💪 I think of all strong mamas as a Dahlia Mama, you, me, and your mama friends.

I look forward to connecting via prenatal yoga and postnatal yoga, as well as supporting you and your family in your pregnancy and postpartum wellness needs!


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Postpartum Doula in Placerville, El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park, Pollock Pines & surrounding areas

Serving Families with Tender Care & Loving Support on their Mighty Journey of Parenthood